How Lingerie Can Make You Rich

Your attitude changes. You're sitting in a company meeting, listening to budget jargon, and something about the leather against your skin inspires you to speak up. Maybe it's the fantasy you just had about being strapped on the back of a Harley that stirs that little extra.something.that's usually absent from business meetings.

At any rate, the words that come out of your mouth are brilliant, like gems of wisdom from a confident dominatrix. Against their will, the slaves listen, and they find something about your new financial plan irresistible.Over time, with different attire hidden beneath that restrictive uniform on any given day, your co-workers come to know you as the confident leader they go to in a tough situation.

You mysteriously recieve a promotion, then a raise, then eventually don't need these people at all. It's time to go out into the world armed with pink and black satin and lace, and finally follow your dreams. And, smiling, you refuse to give away the secret to your success. If your really looking for fun try some hot black leather. Hmmmmm.

the possibilities that can come from that.Could success be that simple? Perhaps you should ask Oprah, Martha Stewart, and I dare say Donald Trump.For more information about lingerie please have a look at this link: Exotic Lingerie | Blouses See Thru.


By: Lexi Raine

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