Girlfriends Being Whored Out at Bars and Nightclubs Signs of the Times

As the economy continues to spiral downward, regardless what Bush says, we are seeing signs of desperation. Men are starting to pimp out their girlfriends at local area hot spots for extra cash. Could this be the start of a new trend?.

"I recently had my hours cut back and we are really tight with cash, so I and my girl talked it over and she was okay with it." Said a patron at City Tavern. "She just goes over and flirts with the regulars at the bar and goes out to their car for whatever she can get ? usually $50 - $100.".Upon attending several area night clubs and bars it is not a freak occurrence. This was going on at several popular establishments.

"It pays the rent and it's just meaningless sex," said a patron at the popular Fox and Hound. "everybody knows about it and they're all cool about it.".

Donald Trump was quoted on the popular series The Apprentice as saying sex sells. He is right and according to these novel entrepreneurs into the sex industry it pays the bills. As the economy continues to worsen with rising gas and energy prices we will probably be seeing more of this.

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By: David Maillie

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