Finding a Great Therapist Tips to Help You Choose the Therapist that is Right for You

So, you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, and you make the decision to seek counseling. Who should you see? How do you find a good counselor or therapist? Here are some ideas to help you.

  • Ask your friends - check with friends and family members to see if they know a therapist. Personal referrals are usually very helpful
  • Ask your doctor - many times physicians keep a file of counselors for referrals
  • Try the internet to locate therapists therapists near you
  • While you are on the internet, do a little research on the type of therapy you are looking for. Try searching for "couples counseling (your city)" or"women's issues (your city)." This information can help you identify what is available in your area
  • Ask a clergyperson - Most clergy keep a reference list of therapists
  • Look in the phone book - While this can seem overwhelming, you can start by identifying therapists in your area.

    Some therapists have listing that include their specializations

  • There are different types of therapy available. Ask your therapy about their philosophy, or have them explain how a therapy session "works" so you will know what to expect
  • many therapists offer a free consultation. Use this time to talk about your issues, but also listen to your instincts - does this therapist seem like a good match to you?
Choosing a therapist is, in some ways, like selecting a physician. You want someone who feels safe and trustworthy. You want someone who listens to you and focuses on you and your personal growth.

It is normal to feel anxious when you first go to therapy. You will probably feel your anxiety level reduced after a few sessions. If you notice that you still feel anxious, talk with the therapist about this.

Remember, a therapy session is just for you.

Therapy is meant to help you improve your life, help you find solutions to problems, and bring more joy and peace in your daily life. 2006 Cynthia McKenna LPC, NCC - All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

.Cynthia McKenna LPC, NCC is a therapist and life-coach who helps people have more joy and peace in daily living. Cynthia works with clients throughout the country via phone and email.

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By: Cynthia McKenna

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