Boy Scouts of America and the Gay Fringe

We have all heard about the gay and lesbian communities trials and tribulations, we have all seen their Gay Parades on TV and we all know that each week they come up with something else to keep the issue of gay marriage in the news.One thing that bothers me when they attack Ford Motor Company during an Automaker economic crunch is that it hurts American Jobs. Indeed when they attacked the Boy Scouts it hurts American Kids. Recently in an online forum this debate came up and Jen who is a member of the gay and lesbian community criticized me for helping the Boy Scouts in a fundraiser car wash.Jen stated; "The Boy Scouts of America is an explicitly homophobic organization. It is not helping "the community" to support it.

In fact, it's harming the community.".Jen, I completely disagree, as I learned to fly in the Boy Scout Aviation Explorers and got my pilots license at 17-years old. The Boy Scouts of America is set up like a Franchise and many of the Boy Scout Groups are run from youth group Church organizations, but not all. Certainly they have the prerogative to run things their way.

To say that helping kids earn money in a Car Wash Fundraiser;.

html.So they can go to the annual Jamboree is not helping the community is utter BS. Those kids need not be dragged down due to a squabble between parents and the G&L Community is ridiculous and utter hokum. Jen you state: " The BSA teach a huge number of children that being gay is wrong.

It's one of the most widespread propagandists for anti-queer hate around. For queer kids who get involved, it only re-enforces their own self-hatred, leading some to more years in the closet than they otherwise would have spent.".

There is no such thing as a queer kid, kids are too young to understand their emotions, hormones or preferences at young ages and to indoctrinate them into anything other than allowing a normal heterosexual relationship to occur can cause depression, being outcaste, suicide and mental issues later when they are too confused to know what is up. Experimenting as a teen with whatever is not being a Lesbian or gay it is merely growing up, but telling kids it means they are gay for life is simply not so. Think on this.

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By: Lance Winslow

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