Beware of Comet Fragments and Tsunamis

There is a Comet which is breaking up which will fly by our little pale blue dot on or around May 25 and in doing so some way out Sci Fi types are predicting that some of these fragments will hit Earth? Although in reality the Schwassmann Wachmann Comet 73P is too far away from Earth to hit us says NASA. So who is telling the truth?.Well NASA is right the chances are slim to none, I mean a way out long shot of winning the lottery type odds.

So philosophically speaking, yes there would be a way out chance of some pieces of fragments bouncing off or entering the atmosphere perhaps, but not so likely. Big pieces not so likely, big pieces which will cause damage not probable and super chunks triggering such a massive event? Doubtful. Nevertheless, we would be foolish not to track and watch the fragments race by the Earth to their final destination.Now some of these folks are predicting some crazy scenarios, real worst-case stuff, like a strike along the Mid Atlantic Ridge triggering a super volcano and Tsunami of Biblical Proportions, some 600 feet high. A real Armageddon in fact is what they are predicting and yes a huge Tsunami of 600 feet would take out some 30-50 miles inland of the Eastern Seaboard, bury Florida and kill 50 million or so people you see? Who thinks this stuff up anyway? Well sounds like too much Hollywood and not enough sleep to me. Nevertheless the controversy grows and that is the conspiracy theorists predictions and they say the whole thing is a giant cover up? Interesting indeed.

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By: Lance Winslow

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