Are You Satisfied With Your Mate - My idea of home is everything at the right place.

Waterfalls The Motivation Of Work - Water, the liquid that sustains the nature.

Boy Scouts of America and the Gay Fringe - We have all heard about the gay and lesbian communities trials and tribulations, we have all seen their Gay Parades on TV and we all know that each week they come up with something else to keep the issue of gay marriage in the news.

Are You a Free Thinker or an Intellectual Prostitute - As a father whose world revolves around his eight-year-old son, most of what little television I've watched over the last eight years has been kids' shows, primarily cartoons.

Spirituality Living As A Whole Person - At a recent conference where I was presenting I learned that many individuals in the audience had or were experiencing the following feelings:.

Online Dating Take Your Time Make the Right Choice - Have you ever found yourself forced to choose between more than one romantic prospect? The ordeal can be daunting, to say the least.

Learning to Let Go - I started practicing yoga nine years ago because I wanted to look sexy.

Chair Yoga Can Help Older People Reduce the Risk of a Fall - Falling is a major heath concern for older people.

The United States is a Decaying Country WTF - Well folks now I have heard it all, as a Muslim Canadian in BC writes that the United States is a decaying nation and he sites several examples of news events and blows them out of proportion like some Al Jazeera Jihadist with a hard on? We need t.

Changing Our Focus Changing Our Society - Do you ever wonder why although so much of our tax dollars go to government programs to resolve society?s problems, things seem to be getting worse? Are you appalled while reading the papers or listening to the news because you do not understand w.

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