Manage Your Energy Mine Your Potential - People are attracted to energy like moths to a flame, and when the flame gets turned up too high ? or low ? they may become repelled.

Key To Success Work Hard At Working Smarter - Getting more done with less is an art,.

Observations on the Spiritual Path Two Quick Tips - Having chewed on the great big questions in different ways for as long as I can remember, I've noticed some things about how answers (or, if you like, helpful insights) tend to reveal themselves.

Its A New Ball Game Editorial About American Economy and Population Growth - It's A New Ball Game.

An Invisible Friend in Need is an Invisible Friend Indeed Try God - Are you one of the millions of Americans who believes in Jesus Christ and the fictitious stories of religious literature in the Bible? Are you one of the billions of humans living on the surface of the planet who relies on a false god or religiou.

Yoga Explained - People want to be healthier these days and they are starting to realize that doctors and medicine can't always do the trick.

Where is Reiki Taking Us - I often ask myself ?Is the discovery of all this new Reiki information helping my Reiki teaching and practice??- and this is my answer to myself?.

Summer of Love - Around the middle of June each year, a curious phenomenon starts to take place around Britain.

Thomas Jefferson Died Broke Is Our Nation Going to End Up the Same Way - Most all Americans know that Thomas Jefferson was a great man, a thinking man, but so many people do not know he died broke.

Reality BitesBreaking the News - Introduction.

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