Abatement of Greenhouse Gases in Artificial Biospheres

When dealing with artificial biospheres we know that often the greenhouse gases build up and cannot escape and eventually the humans cannot live inside. This has happened a few times in several experiments and therefore it makes sense to take this information and study it and attempt to determine how this might affect space colonies.You see, this is very valuable information also for the real biosphere or planet Earth's atmosphere. Perhaps it is not wise to allow our own zone later to completely seal or heal itself, otherwise how can all the greenhouse gases escape?.And if they build up and then are allowed to heat up we will find ourselves in a virtual crock pot. One, which we will not be able to escape and one, which will superheat our atmosphere.

It stands to reason that we study these things and figure out best out to protect ourselves from an overheated atmosphere due to a normal cyclical climate change and in part caused from our own doings through global warming.In an artificial biosphere if the atmosphere gets to full of greenhouse gases other than oxygen in the space colony situation, everyone could die if they do not purge the greenhouse gases. In the biosphere 2 at Columbia universities biosphere project in Tucson this very thing occurred and the project was shut down. Learn from this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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